Neuro Healing Therapy

neuro-healing Neuro-Healing is a system or process which cure blockage of blood circulation from mind to heart and from heart to other organs of body. The blood circulation in our body passes through a thousand type of nerves and it passes through various organ of our body.

It activates various part of the body starts working and system works smoothly. It helps the patient to cure his or her diseases.

Indeed in our body due to some reasons circulation of blood stops or creates blockage. Due to these blockage that particular organ of body dose not get energy and that stop working. That organ become weak, lazy and tired and infected.

If we do not care to remove these blockage of that organ then we become ill. Neuro- Healing is a process through which blockages of nerve system are removed nerous system again reactivates and disease cab be removed.

In our body proper circulation of blood system is the best cure of medicine. Therefore we should take care to make our nerve system always active. This activation is the best cure for our perfect health.

Jagdish Munni Ji Contribution

Last 25 year efforts of Saint Jagdish Muni (Reiki Guruji ) enriched neuro healing system. So far he has organized 361 (15 days) camps and helped to cure various diseases of thousands of patients through his rich practical experience. Due to this system he tries to remove the blockages of the nerve system of human body and sometimes the patient is treatment and also from negative impact of medicines.

Guruji has formed various teams which goes in different parts of the country and provide treatment through this neuro healing system. The main objective of the guruji is to revive the old slogan “रोग मुक्त एवं दवाई मुक्त भारत”.

Indeed this system is the contribution Saint Shri Jagdish Munni. The people of our country should take advantage and come out as healthy, wealthy citizens of this country.