About Jagdish Munni JI

Saint Shri Jagdish Munni Ji (Reiki Acharya) founder of “Nirog Jeevan Sansthan (Regd.)” india has been organised 360 (15 days) camp all over india ( Punjab, Rajasthan Maharashtra, Delhi, karnataka, Haryana, bangallore etc. )

Spreading awareness and healing patients surffring from all kind of disease like (headache, migraine, eye sight weak, cervical, back pain, thyroid, sugar, stomach, knee pain, asthma, B.P., joint pain, skin problems, cancer, paralysis Etc.) through natural therapies. Saint Shri Jagdish Munni Ji gives treatment to the patients daily by natural therapies & has selflessly offerd.

Its an idea whichwas put together into existence to see a “Disease Free World” With the help and strength of reiki, sujok and Accupressure under the guidance of Reiki Grandmaster Jagdish Munni Ji.

Jagdish Munni Ji Contribution

Last 25 year efforts of Saint Jagdish Muni (Reiki Guruji ) enriched neuro healing system. So far he has organized 361 (15 days) camps and helped to cure various diseases of thousands of patients through his rich practical experience. Due to this system he tries to remove the blockages of the nerve system of human body and sometimes the patient is treatment and also from negative impact of medicines.

Guruji has formed various teams which goes in different parts of the country and provide treatment through this neuro healing system. The main objective of the guruji is to revive the old slogan “रोग मुक्त एवं दवाई मुक्त भारत”.

Indeed this system is the contribution Saint Shri Jagdish Munni. The people of our country should take advantage and come out as healthy, wealthy citizens of this country.